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EKFI PLUS- project granted  (15-09-2022)
Stivako has submitted the EKFI PLUS project within the framework of the European Erasmus + program. And the proposal has been approved. The project “Innovation through cooperation” aims to improve the development of new innovative learning materials for education and training. The project will extend the existing EKFI platform and add features that will support the development of learning materials. In this way it contributes to
strengthening international cooperation between teachers and the use of each other's competences rather than developing alone and focused on the own (school) situation: Innovation through cooperation. It also provides an opportunity to approach educators in Europe and invite them during this new project to use the EKFI platform and the
outputs to be developed in this project. This offers the opportunity to improve the existing platform if necessary on the basis of greater use and thus more user experiences.

The main objective of “Innovation through cooperation“ is to bring together educators, lecturers and teachers, scientists from various European countries that will work jointly in developing and authoring the learning material at a European/International level.

Webinar by EGIN Innovation through cooperation  (EKFI extended) on Friday 20 May (13-05-22)

This is an extended project of the EKFI project that finished last year. EKFI is the database with learning materials. The new project aims at: Development of an educational model in order to facilitate cooperative production of teaching and learning materials; development of tools to facilitate this production process; the production of materials on technonlogy and the circular economy to facilitate testing of the models being produced in the first two outputs.
By Prof. Dr. Anastasios E. Politis, HELGRAMED and GRAPHMEDLAB, Greece

The event will run on the Zoom Platform. If you wish to participate you can use the following link to get access to this event.
Join the event using the link, only on the time you need to get access to the event: click on  link:


Declaration of intent by EGIN to safeguard the continuation of the EKFI platform after the lifetime of the Project “Exchange Knowledge for Future Innovation”. (03-12-21)

On behalf of EGIN, the platform for cooperation and development of the Graphic Media and Creative industries, we can inform you that the EGIN organisation expresses the intention to support the continuation, including hosting and maintenance of the Exchange platform EKFI, that has been developed within the framework of the project mentioned above here.

With this support it remains possible for the target groups of the project, VET- and HE -schools, social partners and companies to utilise the platform and avail of, by means of uploading and downloading, research reports and educational means for the cultural- and creative sectors of industry.

In this way the we safeguard the effective and efficient exchange of knowledge, skills, and attitudes which will lead to a substantial cost reduction.















We are/were live!! (18-11-21)

Proud of the team members/project partners and colleagues who present(ed) at the EKFI live & online event, today, 18 November, CET+1; 12.30-17.30 hrs -Erasmus+ EKFI conference in Tallinn (Estonia); Look back at YouTube:; check out the Exchange Tool: or the project website:

Eva Bouwman, Frank den Hartog, Peter Huisman, Gerasimos Vonitsanos,  Dr. Anastasios E. Politis, Dieter De Weirdt, Joan Sans, Joan Creus OliverasIvar Kaselaid, Ege Meister.










Due to COVID-19 Multiplier event online! (10-11-21)

The multiplier event will be broadcasted by YouTube due to new COVID-19 rules.

You can participate! Follow this link to registrate! The event starts 18th of November at 13.30 hrs local time(GMT +2).














EKFI presented at Sustainable Salon-project

During the first live partner meeting of the Erasmus+ Sustainable Salon project ( in Milan, Italy on 6, 7 and 8 October, Frank den Hartog shared the information on the EKFI platform to inform the 15 participating teachers and project participants from different schools, sector organisations and other institutes in the hair & beauty sector on the EKFI-platform for sharing knowledge. This platform could be very interesting for the Hair & Beauty sector as well, as it opens doors to sharing and developing learning material on environmental and other relevant topics.

So the Ekfi platform can be a possible useful tool for this sector as well.

Photos: Frank den Hartog (Stivako) presents and explains the EKFI-platform to the audience of 15 teachers and participants in Milan (6,7,8 October 2021).

Preparation Multiplier event started (11-10-21)

On the 8th of October 2021 Tallinn Polytechnic School project team and the board member of Estonian Printing and Packaging Industry Association Ms Katre Savi had a meeting on preparing the multiplier event in Tallinn.

We discussed the project topics and planned the Multiply Event in November 2021.

Under the discussion were also different questions how to organize events for students and teachers in Tallinn Polytechnic School.

The EKFI-project on track (01-10-21)

The project "Exchange knowledge for future innovation" aims to rethink an old problem - namely the gap between the companies and organizations - the world of work - and the needs and requirements for skilled people and the education world with their study programs and curricula , in a new perspective. Closing this gap effectively can be served by merging the two worlds with innovative ICT applications.

Its main application is the innovative Map & Match web platform for enhancing learning in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). Context / background: The CCI continues to evolve with structural changes.

The sub-sectors: media, visual communication, print and publishing, art, design, advertising, gaming, film/photography, internet and (to some extent) packaging are changing rapidly and the educational material: research and learning material usually follows.

Objectives of this project: The current project aims to explore innovative approaches to scanning needs and requirements for knowledge, skills and competences of the CCI and matching them with the appropriate existing research and learning material based on learning outcomes. Main objective is to create an exchange platform, facilitate innovative learning and research material, map the competence needs (user) and match these needs with the appropriate learning/research module(s). The web-based platform and applications run on the platform.

The Exchange platform can be applied for the project target groups: VET & HEs, SMEs, entrepreneurs, sector organizations, social partners in the CCI. It will work as a set of ICT applications (IOs): a database of existing learning and research materials (from different sources) will be created by uploading educational materials to an Exchange platform (O1). The upload will be supported by the Intake application (O2) where the learning and research materials will be described and meet certain educational standards and formats to meet the entry requirements. Also, a value of the uploaded material will be determined according to the exchange system. The search robot (O4) allows the user to map the competency needs and meet these needs with the appropriate learning/research module(s). The material download uses the Barter System (O3) purchase app. The barter system is a barter system in which goods are exchanged directly for other goods without using a medium of exchange, such as money. In the project we develop the criteria under which uploading and downloading takes place and according to which the value of the uploaded materials is determined and the value with which materials can be downloaded. Barter works with some sort of credit system. During testing, we will use the research into developments and new competences and developed learning materials (in 5 sub-areas of the CCI) of an ongoing Erasmus + project (Thrive!) to test the ICT applications. Research will also be conducted to map existing material with upload potential. More information:

EKFI present at 52nd annual conference of International Circle of Educational Institutes  (25-09-21)

 During session 3:  Plenary - People and Print: Initiatives for Print Education
Chair: Daiva Sajek, the Greek partners presented the EKFI-project and platform to the participants of the congress. The IC conference was attended by 50 participants live (maximum to  be in a room due to covid measures )and around 25 from distance (either abroad or attending from another room).


Go to the Exchange platform (10-09-21)

The Exchange platform is nearly ready. At this moment the partners are testing the platform to exchange learning material and research and other learning material. The platform is also available for everybody. Click on the link to visit the EKFI Exchange platform:


Extra Skype-meeting (04-06-2021)

Today we had an extra Skype-meeting with our partners. The meeting in Barcelona , planned on the  3rd &4th of June is posponed due to the travel restrictions. 

The Agenda points were:

  • Status development Exchange Platform in total: what is active and which still need development? EKFI.EU

  • Status contacts (per partner) with VET and HE schools regarding available learning material and uploading of the collected material

  • Communication and dissemination

  • Planning coming period (Barcelona September and Tallinn in November).

It was a very usefull meeting to plan the activities in the coming period and make decisions on several aspects.

Meeting in Barcelona is posponed till September 2021!

The planned partnermeeting in Barcelona is posponed to September 2021. 


The agenda of this meeting:

  • Presentation of the finished applications of the EKFI-platform. 

  • The uploading of learning material on the platform of the partners and other institutes.

  • Dissemination and impact activities in the period till September 2021 and the activities in the coming period till November 2021.

  • Preparation of the multiplier event in Thallin on Friday 19 November 2021 in Estonia.  


EKFI present at EGIN-spring meeting of 28/5/21 (30-05-2021)

On 28th of May, the HOU – Hellenic Open University presented, on behalf of Stivako, the Erasmus+ developed ‘EKFI-platform’ for exchanging learning material, during the online EGIN-spring meeting.

We are proud that Stivako was able to present the Erasmus+ developed EKFI-platform for exchanging learning material, during the online EGIN-spring meeting on 28 May ‘21! With thanks to Tasos and Makis From Hellenic Open University who presented the tool. Check the websites: & Participants in the meeting came from Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Germany and Holland. EGIN is the network for professionals in the media and creative industry.



















Exchange of Learning material (18-04-2021)
We are approaching the end of the EKFI project. The project closes on December 31 of this year. We have been approaching VET and HE schools for some time to involve them in the project. However, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis means that schools are now fully focused on organizing online classes for their students and/or partially opening their classrooms for oral education. When the crisis subsides, it may become possible to organize live meetings again to introduce the platform and its possibilities to a broader target group.  Are you interested? Then contact us quickly. 

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